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August 11th, 2010

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Karting is established as one of the most popular and successful corporate event experiences; perfect for entertaining clients and socialising with your team. It is such a recognised commercial event that the vast majority of karting venues available through Karting Nation offer comprehensive meeting and conference facilities; offering high levels of professionalism and care toward your organisation.

As forward-thinking businesses search for new and exciting ways to liaise with clients, we are on hand to offer thrilling karting packages nationwide. You’ll find an appropriate venue wherever your firm is based. Karting is a fun and inclusive pastime, which encourages team building and communication. What’s more, most sites have comfortable spectator areas so that even those who do not wish to compete, or are unable to do so, can still be involved in the experience and benefit from the other amenities on offer.

There are many options when selecting one of our fantastic circuits and this article will discuss these variables so that you can be confident that the facility of your choice will be perfect for your conference, meeting or team building event.

We offer a range of both indoor and outdoor facilities around the country and there are benefits to each. For an authentic motor racing experience, an outdoor circuit is unmatched. With typically bigger circuits, longer straights and more powerful twin-engine karts, your team have a greater opportunity to reach dizzying speeds of up to 65 or 70mph. Such an exhilarating experience as this could serve as a wonderful ice breaker before a difficult negotiation or team training exercise.

Take nothing away, however, from our selection of indoor circuits which provide intricate and challenging racing environments and also a safe haven from the elements. This makes planning your corporate activity less stressful as the success of the event cannot be affected by the unreliable British weather. Plus, the single engine indoor karts still pack a considerable punch, when driven around our slick, winding racetracks.

Each venue offers a fleet of go karts, built to their specification, but while the majority of these vehicles are gas powered, the ecologically conscious business may wish to try the fantastic new range of electric karts. These machines do not emit harmful petrol fumes, and noise pollution is also greatly reduced. The latter point could prove significant during a corporate hospitality event as a quieter environment allows for greater communication at trackside. At this time, there are a small number of facilities which use the electric kart. Our helpful Karting Nation staff will be happy to discuss these alternatives with you in greater depth, to ensure that every effort is made to provide the most successful package for your organisation.

There are several different racing formats for you and your associates to take part in, the most popular of which are the Grand Prix Events and the Team Endurance Races.

Grand Prix competitions are a series of races in which each of your colleagues will compete as an individual to progress through the various heats, claim a place in the grand final and then race for the trophy, and often a bottle of champagne. These tournaments are a great way of pitting yourself against your workmates and clients in a fun and safe environment. These adrenaline boosting events are a fantastic tonic to the serious business taking place between the various parties involved.

Alternatively, Team Endurance races are a very useful team-building exercise promoting strategy as well driving skill. During these activities, opposing teams compete to achieve the target number of laps, while also performing the required amount of pit-stops and driver changes. The way in which teams choose to alternate their racers and karts will affect the outcome of the race, making this a very useful experience and team building exercise.

Whichever selection is made, you can rest assured that your party will enjoy exclusive use of the circuit in question. We dedicate our time and effort to your event and the track will not be shared with another booking.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, or the nature of your event, do not hesitate to contact Karting Nation’s dedicated and informative staff. They will assist in the planning of your event and help you to make informed decisions so that your firm’s corporate karting experience is fun, memorable and ultimately beneficial to the company.

Find the ideal circuit for your Corporate Karting Event or call our knowledgeable team on 0844 745 5006

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    Great article – gave me some good pointers for our next work event (which I have once again be given the task of organising). I’ll definitely be giving Karting Nation a call.

    Thanks again


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